Fernando Peláez

The paintings of Fernando Peláez (Gijón, 1965) are a direct consequence of his ethic and spiritual stance towards life, continuously moving among passion, the irrational, the imaginary, disorder, exaltation, colour and a delicate brushstroke that recalls the great romantic painters. Though, unlike them, he does not pursue the finding of an archetypical or symbolic language, nor aspires to emphasise the sublime, but to slowly go deep into real or imagined natures as if they were a sanctuary, watching the behaviours of material forms. His papers, of humble appearance, are nourished by complex reflections and almost monastic attitudes, indebted to silence and an obsessive desire to read poems that often encourages him to include long texts among his titles, letters and graphic design resources. In some pieces, with basically plastic echoes, he paints the back of his works to filer pigments, oils, bitumen of Judea and colours –generally sienna– that are nothing but pretexts used as a mere formal basis, sincere tributes to literature, philosophy or history.


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