Considered by critics as one of the most outstanding artists of the current global art scene, the Portuguese Baltazar Torres (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, 1961) has accomplished fifty solo exhibitions in both, public and private venues of Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and Portugal, and has participated in more than one hundred fairs, biennales, and group exhibitions. Committed and compromising, his work always fiercely defends a strong ethical attitude and a singular aesthetic hope, analysing the mysteries of our world under critical and nonconformist readings through his sculptures, paintings, and site-specific installations, surprising both, regulars and newcomers. The interest of his works in contextualizing the human being in the environment, and his relationship with productive systems, speculation, or consumption, lies in the artist’s awareness of himself as an icon, in compositions full of intimacy, scenographic strength and vitality. Always avoiding stagnation, the artist reaches today his highest quality level.


BIBLIOGRAPHY (selection)