The works of Luciana Rago (San Juan, Argentina, 1982) are based on natural materials, papers, pigments and scenery that she uses in site-specific installations and contexts of social and sustainable integration. Using vegetable fibers, inks, watercolors, threads and pins, she usually creates volumetric compositions that explore the physical contact of the viewer with the work and the plastic relationships that value the symbolic, chromatic and tactile connections of various cultures of the world. She has received grants from the Contemporary Creation Program of the Madrid City Council (2022), the Step Travel Grant from the European Cultural Foundation (2018), the AlNorte Grant (2014), the Peggy Guggenheim Internship (Venice, 2012) and the Endesa Grant (2010-2011), among others. She has also won various acquisition awards in collections in Europe and South America. Since 2022, she has been part of the artistic roster of Puxagallery, where she will present her first individual exhibition in March-May 2023.


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