The photographs of María Moldes (Pontevedra, 1974) have obtained a large distribution in the European and Northamerican artistic circuit through the main social networks and their impact on media such as The Guardian, El País, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Daily Mail, El Mundo, Photos, Courrier International, ABC… Public and art critics have praised her originality and quality. This impulse has been increased with awards like European Young Photograph Festival (Paris, 2018) and with the exhibition of her last project at Museo Barjola thanks to the AlNorte Grant 2018. This exhibition project has been produced in the area of Mar Menor and it shows the impact of human beings on our environment through photographs and videos where tragedy and references to American Science fiction films of the 50’s become the inspiration to this interesting artist in order to emphasize the absurd and devastating power of our civilization today.