Illuminated Silence

Javier Victorero |

28/01/2023 -


Javier Victorero’s recent works are presented as a renewed universe of geometric shapes and chromatic nuances that show the exceptional nature of his work. The artist keeps faith in musical rhythms and light, as primordial arguments to configure almost ritual pictorial series, as crystalline as evanescent. In spite of the multiplication of chromatic games in this singular exhibition proposal, black gains presence in backgrounds and forms, absorbing the rest of the colors to project them with force towards our gaze, harmonizing large paintings with medium formats and very delicate small pieces, of transparencies and spiritual luxuries. The own voice is claimed, intense and unmistakable of this northern painter who caresses like no one else the skin of the painting on canvas and paper, staying away from the superficial to claim a direct contemplation, without filters or screens, in an ascetic attitude worthy of the great masters.

Javier Victorero (Oviedo, 1967) has had 18 solo exhibitions and a hundred group shows, winning awards at the Unicaja Biennial, the Angel de Pintura Prize, the Casa Consuelo Biennial, the La Carbonera Biennial, and receiving the IV Prize of the Principality of Asturias General Assembly and the Cajastur Prize (2004), the Biennial La Carbonera and receiving the IV Prize of the General Council of the Principality and the Cajastur Prize (2004), the Medal of Honor of the Parliament of La Rioja (2011), the First Prize Casimiro Baragaña National Contest (2014) and the First Prize of the National Painting Contest Villaviciosa (2018), among others. Specialists such as Juan Manuel Bonet, Luis Feás, Alfonso Palacio, Luis Francisco Pérez, Ángel Antonio Rodríguez, Enrique Andrés Ruiz, Rubén Suárez, Alfonso de la Torre or Dámaso Santos Amestoy have written in his catalogs and his paintings are already part of numerous collections. For the production of the exhibition, the artist received a grant from the Fundación Municipal de Cultura, Educación y Universidad Popular del Ayuntamiento de Gijón.

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