Japanese artist, Tadanori Yamaguchi, presents his first solo exhibition “Mizu” at Puxagallery within the Madrid Gallery Weekend (Apertura 2020). The exhibition which includes fifteen new works created during the months of global confinement runs from September 10th until November 21st.

 Tadanori Yamaguchi’s gaze is unique and non-transferable, always committed to identity of his roots and to the environment, trying to capture delicate tributes to his homeland where the brief is as overwhelming as immutable. In a difficult historical moment alienated by health and economic crisis, our society is full of anxieties but this honest Japanese artist gives us hope by bringing up the idea of water as the genesis of life, the seed from which everything is born; water as the reflection of things that connect us to earth. Traces, light, erosion, ice, spiral of currents and other immemorial mysteries serve as a pretext here to develop volumes that harmonize superficial complexity and inner serenity. Every solid block, either in stone, marble, wood or aluminum, is worked conscientiously during long workshop sessions, as it also happens with his subtle paintings and papers. The titles of the works (Kaminari, Shonyuseki, Hyoheki, Shonshoku, Uzumaki …) define a formal language whose physical methodology is the direct result of a process assumed as a  reflective and spiritual journey. There is no trace of industrial design or decorative effects, only the purity linked to the hatsuru, a dialogue with matter, a true leitmotif of this tenacious dream builder.

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