ArteSantander 2021  (July 24-28)

Puxagallery participates at International Art Fair ArteSantander from July 24th to July 28th (stand 35) with a solo project by Cristina Ferrández (Alicante, 1974) titled “On the Threshold”. The project includes a series of recent photomontages made with drawing and gliceé on paper, and a videoart piece, that the Spanish artist has been lately developing during her participation at several international residency grants. The symbolic and geopolitical character of the project is based on the representative idea of energy and its implication in the organic development of the Universe, leading us to reflect upon destruction and reconstruction. It’s a reencounter of the human being with the untamed thas denounces the degradation of the environment while claiming the strength of the female figure in the framework of her permanent work in progress.