Estampa 2019_Madrid Contemporary Art Fair  (October 17-20)

Puxagallery participates at Estampa Art Fair 2019 at stand 1E56. Our proposal includes recent works by five artists represented by the gallery, and brings together paintings, sculptures, drawings and desing objects in an intergenerational and interdisciplinary dialogue that is worth contemplating.

The works of MARTA BELTRÁN in Estampa underline her eagerness to relate animals, mannequins and dolls, as symbols of a woman represented in artificial bodies but alive with ties to the cinema and the iconic story. Female sexualization here denounces terror and fear with scenes taken from B-series movies of the eighties. She has recentely presented several institutional exhibitions on the occasion of the awards received in 2017 (Daniel Vázquez Díaz Scholarship, DKV-MAKMA Drawing Award, Gregorio Prieto Drawing Award)

LUIS FEGA shows in Estampa 2019 his recent paintings, which maintain the expressionist and gestural line derived from more than thirty years of national and international successes, as a member of one of the most important generations of the Spanish pictorial panorama.

MAR SOLÍS continues to explore the line, the space and its multiple fluctuations. Her beautiful compositions in linden wood, docile and achromatic, vibrate with expressive power and refinement, always pursuing organic and visceral terminations in search of the formal attraction/dispersion full of oriental reminiscences where matter and light converge.

The paintings of JAVIER VICTORERO are inspired by the search for the glare of painting which this Asturian artist explores in the limits of visibility. Melodic compositions of blues, greens, whites and blacks, alternate haziness with luminescence and maintain structural accuracy and tension. Painting for painters, for in-depth glazes which are able to see the mysteries in small things. Victorero has received among other awards, the Principado of Asturias Prize, and his works are included in many important public and private collections.

SANDRA VAL’s participation at Estampa Art Fair is an extension of her first solo exhibition in the gallery entitled “Liminal Subjects” which will be open until November 9th. The show offers an artistic research about the liminal, where the space among the parts allows several possibilities of the overall through the coexistence between fiction/reality and art/design. Sandra Val (Tarragona, 1979) finished her Master in Art and Creation at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid in 2017. She has won prizes such as Franqueados 2015 or the AlNorte 2017 Scholarship, and has exhibited in several private spaces in Madrid and in the Barjola Museum of Gijón.