Lands of Utopia  (September 13th - November 10th)

The work of Cristina Ferrández (Alicante, 1974) analyses territories of encounter and follows tracks of theories and desires in search of clues which reveal the fragility of the landscape from an ecological point of view, longing always for better times and ideals, and explored by her cross-cutting approaches. With her photographs, audio-visual pieces, installations and three-dimensional structures, she develops clever surroundings and probes illusory territories that long for other possible worlds with hybridization and intelligence as their only banners. The influence of great artists, thinkers and scientists is one of the discursive axes of her projects. She has been awarded with several prizes and residency fellowships in Europe, Africa and America in support of her obsession with the entropic qualities of depressed areas as a result of poor industrial practices. Her digital imprints are suggestive allegories of the environment, maps of degenerative events, and research laboratories filled with subtle energy subject to the dissipation or the chaos of those regions that are degraded by human insensitivity.