Liminal Subjects  (September 12th - November 9th)

This solo exhibiton of Sandra Val in Puxagallery ofers an artistic research about the liminal, where the space among the parts allows several possibilites of the overall through the coexistence between fctonnreality and artndesign. Alternatng inks, enamels, porcelain, glass and textle, the exhibiton ofers connecton and crossing mechanisms where the multple becomes the unique by using the experimentaton as a propeller of afectons and the residual energy of the body-space dicotomy.

Sandra Val finished her Master in Art and Creaton at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid in 2017, afer a long training period with workshops on paintng, sculpture, ceramics, electroforming and design. She has been awarded the best showcase at Franqueados 0,15 Festval, the Arte Lateral-Complutense Prize and the AlNorte Festival Grant. Her works alternate pictorial projects with jewlery, showcases and site-specifc installatons