Other Truths (PhotoEspaña 2018)  (May 31th - Sep. 8th)

Guibert Rosales (La Habana, 1979) decided to share both sides of the Atlantic and travelled to Spain in 2012, to complete a Master in Artistic Production in the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he egan to intensify his previous reflections on issues such as identity, inequality, or miscegenation, and analyse the contexts of contemporary society through projects, photographs, and installations. Last year, he took up the courtyard of the Universidad Laboral of Gijón with two striking installations (Common Spaces and Blikfana) on the crisis of the model of Western modernity that amazed everyone. Established now in Madrid, in a historical moment where global and media issues have polarised the philosophical and political camps, the Cuban artist continues to denounce the economic dictatorship of our time. In his work, he expresses the codes and hopes of the migrants, explores the world of advertising and the limits and frontiers of mankind through actions, sculptures, and photographs both suggestive and overwhelming.