PhotoEspaña 2022: Kela Coto  (May 19th - July 14th)

The first solo exhibition of Kela Coto in Madrid, entitled Point of View: How to Build the Territory, presents several unpublished works that propose a contemporary landscape with a retrofuturist halo, harmonizing documentary practice and fiction with a basically reflexive intentionality. The exhibition is an evolution of the post-industrial compositions of the artist’s latest projects, which were selected in Residents 2021 of Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.

In this work in progress, Kela Coto does not use the images as a mere representation of reality, but rather uses her ability to implement the narrative sense of post-industrial scenes, almost apocalyptic, and offer a new point of view, beyond the obvious, in that etymological idea that defines the word Landscape and flees, in this case, from the naturalistic vision. The pieces have been produced from medium format analog films that have been scanned to generate a digital file, with no other manipulation than the decisions taken during the process of making the snapshot.