Say It!! (Madrid Gallery Weekend)  (September 8th - November 12th)

Puxagalley is pleased to present during the Madrid Gallery Weekend the first solo exhibition of Sandra Paula Fernández, following her incorporation to the gallery at the beginning of 2022.  The exhibition, entitled Say It!, is based on two large installations in which this committed artist addresses issues such as gender violence and binarism through textile materials and mixed media in different formats.

The installation in room 1 entitled #Vivasnosqueremos (#Alivewewantus) comprises sixty hand-embroidered cross-stitch paintings that alternate flowers and verses of her authorship. It also includes a sound installation with voices of well-known women and testimonies collected on social networks under the hashtag #cuéntalo (#sayit), in whose collective catharsis other social movements, such as #YoSiTeCreO (#IdoBelieveYou), converged.

In room 2 we present the installation I am the monster that speaks to you (inspired by the homonymous title of Paul Preciado’s book) which questions binarism and obsolete patterns when approaching the study of gender perspective, whose shortcomings continue to dominate behaviors, attitudes and destinies. The artist proposes us to think of the body not as a mere anatomical object, but as a somateca or historical-cultural archive, that is, as a practice of resistance to rethink concepts, policies and ideas.