Spatial Spaces  (November 15th - January 19th)

Timeless compositions, constructivist rhythms and thematic wit are keys that Pablo Maojo (San Pedro de Ambás, Villaviciosa, 1961) has been developing for three decades in works which today are part of numerous museums and both, public and private Spanish collections. This original author remains in his homeland constantly retracing his own steps to configure harmonies and iconographic universes replete with symbols, lines, gestures and words that occupy and vacate the vacuum following the landscape advice to offer beautiful results. Among chainsaws, gouges and pigments, he is led on by his innate impulses and an exquisite poetic ability that takes advantage of seasonal changes to dialogue night and day with a nature linked to his inner essence. His sculptures, full of their own voice, his paintings, collages and designs bloom to the pace of the hours transmuting the disorder in accuracy to generate spaces, lights and shapes that are as surprising as delicate.