Traces of Oblivion  (November 17th - January 21st)

Luis Fega’s second solo exhibition in Puxagallery, entitled Traces of Oblivion, presents some twenty works carried out by the artist during the last two years, in medium and large format, with paintings on canvas and wood, that continue to pursue his faith in the essence of painting, intuition and gestural energy. The exhibition, which opens on Thursday November 17th, will run until January 21st, 2023.

These new paintings are composed by large black and white brushstrokes that slide throughout the canvas, seeking the sublimation of color, synthesizing transparencies and graphics whose action is mainly intuitive, as a result of both, the artist’s subconscious and his roots. Fega’s intellectual lucidity remains intact today, delving into a craft that allows him to find renewed paths in each composition and to assume art as a vital investigation, both aesthetic and ethical. These are explorations and recapitulations far removed from any immutable certainty, honest and playful expressions linked to the author’s desire to enable the unexpected, to delve into unknown territories and generate new spaces of mysteries and silence where the formal qualities are significance and signifier in themselves. Because painting, and only painting, speaks by itself.