Transitory Boundary (PHE 2021)  (May 20th - July 17th)

Puxagallery presents this new project by Antonio Guerra in PhotoEspaña 2021 Off Festival. The project is the result of the last two years of work. It is the first solo exhibition of this young Spanish artist in our gallery, and will be open to the public from May 20 to July 22.

The work of Antonio Guerra (Zamora, 1983) is based on an interdisciplinary approach to photography in order to reflect upon construction interventions on contemporary landscape and its transformation processes. As a processual artist, he usually offers different views on natural environment and its imaginary, interpreting landscape as an ideological construction while making a statement on the conservation of nature and the traces of human activity. In this project there are works of series such as “Behaviors for a simulacrum”, with intimate explorations that interact with the territory and filter the virtual and the real,  while questioning environmental problems. These are photographs in different media with an excellent technique that harmonizes conceptual research and expressive qualities. Glances, silhouettes, mountain profiles, details and corners which treasure the artist’s singular gaze, between dawn and dusk, underling his subtle way of creating and portraying personal moments that claim universal poetics.