After 30 years of experience in the contemporary art market, organizing individual and group exhibitions, and working with a wide range of international artists, the responsible of Puxagallery open this space in Madrid in 2016 to generate new projects in contemporary art.

With regular collaboration with artists, collectors, curators, critics, and other professionals within the field of art, Puxagallery opts for freedom against indoctrination and a commitment to permanent debate, with quality at its leading edge, promoting emerging artists and encouraging dialogue with emblematic artists from different generations.

Based on these premises, Puxagallery also explores avenues of multidisciplinary collaboration by establishing connexions between intermediary agents and museums, foundations and cultural institutions. We support the development of integral programs in public spaces, architecture, urbanism, heritage, publishing promotion and networks, taking contemporary art into educational forums and fostering relationships between the artistic community and other social collectives. Thus, Puxagallery is an active member of the Consorcio de Galerías Españolas de Arte Contemporáneo and Arte Madrid, both Spanish associations that ensure professionalism and good practices. In addition, Puxagallery is recipient of the Comunidad de Madrid, Ayuntamiento de Madrid and Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte support.